Considering Renewal of Logos Now, Unsure Of What I'm Really Giving Up

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Richard Villanueva | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jul 22 2017 4:35 PM


For L6, we generally had a minimum of 2-3 new LN features each six weeks, and sometimes 6-7 new features.

I do think FL has been trying to compensate LN members for recently not being able to ship new features every six weeks, but we are getting other important improvements (such as performance, and a new notes system), and I'm grateful for all the ongoing developments.

I'm not unhappy or complaining. My LN has still been a great value for me.

That's kinda how I feel too - that they had a large pipeline of product and feature improvements that filled the LN six-week promise for L6, then, for whatever reason, things slowed down around L7. Or maybe the improvements were not visibly noticeable (under the hood improvements, etc.) so that's when the Free Books and Coupons begin to surface to make up for the lack of "wow" releases.

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DIsciple II | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jul 22 2017 4:47 PM


The "promise" is right at the top of the LN release cycle timeline. "Logos Now members enjoy new capabilities every six weeks."

Thanks for that. I vaguely remember someone pointing that out before. I'm getting old. Smile

Faithlife needs to live up to the promise, or (in my opinion) take down that wording. 

At one point FL tried to clarify what they considered to be 'new features' and saud it include improvements to existing features I.e the improvements are the new bit. While I am comfortable with stretching 'new features' thst far I agree the wording is misleading but sadly reflective of my major beef with FL marketing. They too often stretch the truth tio far.  The wording of this does need to be looked at and it needs to be reflective of what they are actually able to achieve.  

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