Which IP Address should I use for Remote?

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Andy Bleach | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Sep 27 2017 11:46 PM


Our Mac that we use to run our Proclaim presentations on is connected via LAN and WiFi. So when we enable local WiFi which IP address should we use as the Mac lists two IP addresses because of both connections?

Both IP addresses seem to 'work' in the remote, but we've had reliability issues with connections being dropped a lot, I believe when I was using the LAN IP. I've just tested it all afternoon using the WiFi IP address and it seems more stable.

I would have thought a LAN connection to the Mac would be more reliable and so we should use that IP but maybe I'm wrong?

NB - the LAN connection on the Mac does not go to the router, it goes to a switch in our A/V distribution rack, which I believe then goes down to the WiFi router (Airport).

Help and comments appreciated,


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Justin (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Sep 28 2017 9:07 AM

Hello Andy,

When going through your switch (ethernet IP), do you see the "Local" banner in your remote?

https://support.proclaimonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/209613913-Proclaim-Local-Wi-Fi-Remote  (Bottom of the page)

Your LAN connection should be a more stable connection

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Michael Wright | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Sep 28 2017 11:25 AM

I always turn WIFI off on our Mac Laptop when a wired connection is available. The wired LAN is completely stable, while WIFI is subject to adverse outside influences.

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