Android Logos - Bible 5.16.5 Sign In Issues

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Gordon Hooker | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Oct 1 2017 5:01 PM


I am fairly new to logos so although I searched the forum I could not find any recent sign in issues with android logos bible.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5  Model SM-G9001 running Android version 6.0.1 Kernel version 3.4.0-9465984 build number MMB29M.G9001DVU1CQD1

I have recently installed installed Logos Bible 5.16.5 and I have tried to sign in using my logos login and password which works elsewhere on mac, iOS iPhone and iPad pro and also on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10s.

On the Galaxy S5 I remain in a sign in loop where the application just keeps asking for a login email and password.

This makes the app unusable on the android phone.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue please? I have uninstalled and re-installed 3 times so far.

Blessings, Gordon

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David Novick | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 4 2017 6:07 AM


I recently changed my Logos email and password. Everything else works fine. However, now I'm seeing the same behavior on my Samsung tablet that this poster describes. I don't get an email / password error...I just continue to get prompted for my email and password every 1 min or so.



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