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Scott Burke | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Nov 18 2017 11:48 AM


We'd still like to implement digital bulletins but are still not pleased with the printing capabilities.  We'd like the ability to print it as our current paper bulletins.  That is they are in landscape mode with four sections so we can fold them in half (i.e. a mini pamphlet).  We'd prefer to not have to cut and paste into another product like Microsoft Word to print out bulletins.  Unfortunately, the majority of our people would not use a digital bulletin so we still have a need to print them.  We still want to have a digital bulletin but don't want to duplicate work by creating a bulletin in Faithlife and also for better printing purposes use Word.

We'd also like to see the ability to create tables in the Text areas.  Also, we'd like for the text as we type it to be WYSIWYG when converted to the digital bulletin.  If we put multiple spaces between text, it removes all but one space.  From a user perspective, we're not writing html and expect what we type to render accordingly.

We'd also like to see the ability to add pictures to the Text areas and the ability to change fonts/colors/etc. in the text areas and the headers of each section.

Also, we'd like to have the ability to add pictures to our calendar items and to also hide/display calendar item descriptions.  Apart from bulletins, we'd like to be able to add pictures to our calendar items even if we aren't using bulletins.  We'd like that as a basic feature of a Calendar item.  We'd still like to somehow sync our Faithlife calendar to our Google calendar and our Facebook events.  Basically, we are lazy and would prefer to only deal with one central calendar to add/edit/delete events.  :)

Also, is there a Faithlife group that would be better to post these types of things in rather than in the forums?  If so, what group is it?

Thank you and Lord bless!

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