Attn. Steven Runge - Better integration of your products needed

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Matthew | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 3 2017 3:26 AM

Hello. I purchased the High Definition Commentary: Romans Slide Pack and then was unable to locate the slides anywhere from within Logos. They did not appear in my library and I was unable to find them from within the Media tool. I started another thread asking about this and it was pointed out to me that the slides are listed on the product page as a download completely separate from Logos. This makes them much less useful to me than if they were properly integrated into Logos. If I am teaching a Bible class on Romans, I would like to be able to just search Logos for media related to whatever portion of Romans I covering. I do not want to have to remember that I have media outside Logos that has to be downloaded separately on every device I may want to access it on. Thank you all your hard work in making this slide pack possible, but please advocate for Faithlife to reconsider how we can access it.

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Roger G Black | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 3 2017 3:51 AM

I agree with you Matthew.  I also have it and find it useful but then it also links to Proclaim which I do not at this time see the need to yet purchase another product line just to use the HD series.  I am not an active minister in a local church and do not see the need to add proclaim and use the slide presentations.  I just want it for my family and myself.  I do not fully understand all these external links to the TV and Proclaim parts of the program and would like FL to just incorporate them into the main Logos program without subscribing to TV and Proclaim.

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