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Eduardo Espiritu | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 14 2017 7:26 AM

VERBUM app, IPAD (retina): Thank you.  Need to retrain some muscle memory, but I could find my morning devotion, take it in, and then add the next location to favorites list.  Locatinag my favorite list didn’t take too long, just the usual problems of a changed user interface. It helps that one of the menus  pops straight to my list of favorites.  Is this most recently used?  I prefer that to menu mining.  

I can grok the metaphor of the pastor’s desktop.  Unfortunately Virtual Pastor is not as OCD as me and cannot close the last book on his desktop. My only other complaint is that the layout seems “left handed” in places.  Can’t say exactly why though.  Most likrly these are just a matter of me adjusting  All in all the changes are great  

Beautiful book covers.  Great access to documents.  Kudos to the team that pushed this effort to completion.

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