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Bob Brannon | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 28 2017 11:26 AM

Why can't I apply content backgrounds as bible verse backgrounds?  Or perhaps more to the point, how do I do so?  There are Bible verse content backgrounds which I would think should be usable Bible verse backgrounds.

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Justin (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 28 2017 4:20 PM

Some background slides are formatted in a way that only supports certain content type slides.  Some content backgrounds slide may work as a Bible verse slide.  If you select one, and then select "Customize Smart Media, on the left-hand side you main be able to switch it from Main to Bible.  We hope to make more background items friendly to different services items in the future, but right now many are designed and formatted for a specific slide type. 

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Bob Brannon | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jan 2 2018 6:17 PM

Thanks for getting back to me.  I guess I don't know how to do what you are suggesting.  For example, there is a 1 Samuel content background which does have an option to switch it to Bible but then when I save it with a different name, it is still only content and cannot be applied as a background to a Bible verse.  I must be missing something here, sorry.

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Matt Mattox (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 3 2018 11:36 AM

Hello Bob,

What you can do is add a content slide and insert your verse into your content slide like my example below:


That will insert the Bible verse you are wanting to add to the content slide. From there you can add a background of your choosing with the Bible verse still attached. 

Note: There are no spaces when inserting [[John3:16]]

Here is an example below. Let me know how it goes. 

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Bob Brannon | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jan 3 2018 2:08 PM

Thanks Matt, actually I have found an easier way by saving the Content slide with the background I want as an image and then I apply that image as a background to a Bible verse slide and then I can use it repeatedly with just that one step vs. typing my Bible verses and then applying a content background.  I was just looking for the even simpler method of just applying a Content slide as a background to a Bible slide, if that existed.

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