Bug: 7.13 Beta 1 Read Aloud speed ignores macOS Accessibility Speech preferred speed

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Follow-up to reply in Logos 4 thread Text to Speech => https://community.logos.com/forums/p/37297/950068.aspx#950068


I am having the same problem with OS X 10.13 and Logos 7.12.

The speed in System Preferences Accessibility Speech is adjusted to "Fast," Logos is restarted, but the voice is still very slow.

Replicated Read Aloud speed being independent of System Preferences Accessibility Speech so 1.0 sounded the same in 7.12 RC 2 and 7.13 Beta 1 on macOS 10.12.6 while System Preferences was set to Fast. Changing System Preference speed to "Normal" had no effect on System Narrator and Mark Allen. Changing Read Aloud speed did affect audio playback speed.

Awesome would be Read Aloud speed starting at 2.0x when System Preferences is set to Fast. Currently Read Aloud starts at 1.0 speed.

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