Proclaim 2.9 UX Issue - Show text does not reset when slide is clicked

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Matt Lowe | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, May 9 2018 5:12 PM

Hi, I've been using Proclaim for the slides for our church for a few weeks now, and I have run into a couple bugs with the way it "works". (I'm using a Mac, and version

Issue: When I am on a slide and I hit cmd+T (Or press the "Text" quick scene button), I expect to be able to click on the slide to show the text again, but I have to hit the Text button again to reshow the slide's text.

Resolution: I would expect that when I reselect the slide it would show the slide correctly.

Bonus Issue: When I blank the text on the slide, the remote app doesn't accurately reflect what is being displayed by the projector.

Steps to reproduce: Open a presentation, Click on a slide with text on it, Press "Cmd+T", click the same slide again, watch nothing happen.

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Hi, @MattLowe --

We've been able to reproduce that here, too. We appreciate you reporting it to us. Our developers will be looking into it.

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