Will adding these volumes add any value to my library?

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Juseong Hwang | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, May 10 2018 2:39 AM

The tremendous commentary sale makes me buy more commentaries.

I bought some, and I might buy more soon.

I have two questions on this matter.

1. Adding Genesis and Numbers (NAC)

I know that both NAC volumes are great. 

But I already own many other commentaries on Genesis and Number.

Genesis: WBC (Wenham); NICOT (Hamilton); Waltke; NIVAC (Walton) 

Numbers: TOTC (Wenham); NICOT (Ashley); Interp. (Olson); (And I might end up buying JPS volume)

Since I already own substantial volumes, I'm not sure adding those two great NAC volumes would add any value to my library.

2. Adding some technical Anchor and JPS volumes

I already bought some of them (JPS: Esther; Anchor: Jonah; Proverbs 1-9; Zephaniah; James).

But I am still hesitating in buying big volumes like Jeremiah; Leviticus; Haggai, Zechariah.

Since my current major field of study is NT (Th.M.), I may not need too technical OT commentaries. But  I will definitely preach the OT in times to come, so I need to have good ones for preaching. 

I know that those big volumes are very technical, but they are highly acclaimed, so I'm not sure it is wise to buy them. 

Please share your opinions. Thanks.

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