How About Some Verbum Merchandise?

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Deacon Steve | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jul 3 2018 5:00 PM


I would like to have a Verbum polo or t-shirt and a coffee cup … maybe some other things similar to the Logos merchandise offered today.  What can we do to get that going?

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Kevin S. Coy | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jul 3 2018 5:45 PM

Me too!  Wow, what a great conversation starter.  A great start for evangelization....

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Great suggestion Deacon Steve!  I've been thinking about this for a while (amongst all of the other Verbum things I've got in the hopper right now).

Kevin, I like your thought about it being a great conversation starter and means of evangelization.

I'll see what I can do.  I'll update this thread when I know more.

If you'd be interested in some Verbum merchandise-- please respond to this thread to help me gauge interest.  That will be important in convincing other that this is a good idea....

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David Ames | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 4 2018 10:50 AM

Have been looking for Verbum sticker sheets for some time

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SineNomine | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 5 2018 1:19 PM

I'm potentially interested.

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Michael Noggle | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 5 2018 7:08 PM

I’ve already discussed the benefits of Verbum to many others who haven’t heard of this software, including some priests.  Logo‘d merchandise would be great. 

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F. Kelly Dougherty | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jul 8 2018 9:18 AM

I'm interested in Verbum merchandise.

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