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Immanuel Koks | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 7 2018 6:15 PM

Hi there,

I am studying the Fall, Gen 3:1-7, and I want to know if any of my commentaries, journals, confessional documents etc give commentary on the relationship between that and the Temptation of Jesus in Mat 4 and/or Luke 4 or vice versa.

Is there a search sting that would yield these results? otherwise, is there a way to search the results of a passage guide?



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Immanuel Koks | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Aug 7 2018 7:26 PM

Hi there,

I think I stumbled onto an answer.

(<Mat 4:1-10> OR <Lk 4:1-11>) WITHIN 20 WORDS <Ge 3>


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Phil Gons (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Aug 7 2018 8:27 PM

I had a similar question two years ago when preparing to preach on Matthew 27:46 / Mark 15:34: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" I was curious to see if commentaries discussed a connection with Psalm 22:24, where the psalmist takes a positive turn: "For he has not despised or scorned the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help." I found it interesting that Jesus quoted Psalm 22:1 moments before the three hours of darkness ended. Before I worked out the chronology, I would have thought that happened at the beginning or middle rather than right at the end. Did Jesus quote or pray more of Psalm 22, including v. 24? Did God end the darkness in answer to Jesus' cry for help? Did any of the commentators pick up on this and address it?

So I ran a search for Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34 in discussions on Psalm 22:24: (<Matthew 27:46> OR <Mark 15:34>) WITHIN {Milestone <Psalm 22:24>}.

Then I ran a search for Psalm 22:24 in discussion on Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34: <=Psalm 22:24> WITHIN ({Milestone <Matthew 27:46>} OR {Milestone <Mark 15:34>}).

These turned up a few fruitful discussions, which were exactly what I was looking for.

You could construct similar searches using your passages:

<Genesis 3:1–7> WITHIN ({Milestone <Matthew 4:1–11>} OR {Milestone <Mark 1:12–13>} OR {Milestone <Luke 4:1–13>})

(<Matthew 4:1–11> OR <Mark 1:12–13> OR <Luke 4:1–13>) WITHIN {Milestone <Genesis 3:1–7>}

These queries are for finding discussions in commentary literature. You'd need to take a different approach for journals, confessional documents, and other types of resources (more along the lines of your suggestion above).

Let us know if you'd like some help with those.

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Immanuel Koks | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Aug 7 2018 11:15 PM

thank you Phil, that is very helpful.

I didn't know about the Milestone extension. that has narrowed down the search in the commentaries.


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