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Brendon Marks (BCBC) | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Aug 12 2018 2:19 PM

What is the reason to display the signals icon in the lower right corner of the projected slide, and is there any way to get rid of it? 

I have a standard slide with fade-in text that happen to be scripture references. To me it's just text, but proclaim must think it's more and puts that icon in the lower corner. 

The problem arises when the text box that I have at the bottom of the slide extends all the way to the edge and the icon obscures the text.

To see what I mean see my presentation Aug 12, 2018.


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Justin (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Aug 12 2018 2:26 PM


The symbol is just to alert people they can access the signal in one of our mobile apps if they wish to follow along.  Signals get automatically generated by things like Bible references so that people can tap the signal on their mobile device to open up the Bible to the verses' location.

If you wish to remove the signal from the slide, there will be a Signals tab to the right of the Notes tab.  Deleting the signal will remove the icon from the slide as well. 

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Brendon Marks (BCBC) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Aug 12 2018 2:40 PM

Thanks, that fixed it.

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