Bug: Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Fail on Notes and Sermon Editors

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Kevin A. Purcell | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 28 2018 7:22 AM

This is a very minor bug, but because of how I use my Mac, it's quite annoying. In both the sermon editor and the new Notes editor the simple keyboard shortcut CMD+ARROW does not move the cursor to the beginning/end of a line. I can work around it by using OPTION+ARROW repeated to go from word to word, but I'd love to see this fixed if it's not a major issue to fix it. I understand if it's too minor to fix right now.

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David Couch | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 29 2018 2:26 PM

Agreed - this small improvement would increase my productivity lots!

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Richard Villanueva | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 29 2018 5:01 PM


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Reuben Helmuth | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 29 2018 10:01 PM

👍🏽This works in the Note documents, so since a major concern was functional parity with the old system, this should get fixed before it leaves beta!

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