How to control footnotes?

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Mark Roberts | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Sep 14 2018 4:08 PM

So I'm writing my teaching notes and I paste something in from a commentary.  I get this: 

The English word in 4:1, “regard,” is a translation of a Greek term (λογίζομαι, logizomai) which is most familiar to students of Paul for its use in the book of Romans (4:4), where Paul uses this term to talk about God reckoning righteousness to people on the basis of faith.

Oster, Richard. 1 Corinthians. Joplin, MO: College Press Pub. Co., 1995. Print. The College Press NIV Commentary.

That's great except now I have to go in and cut the citation, delete the extra returns, position the cursor by the end of the quote, use the "make footnote" command, and then paste the citation in the footnote.

That's a labor intensive process if you've got a lot of footnotes.  Obviously proper attribution is important and I am not looking to short circuit that.  But there has to be a faster way of doing this.  I am at a loss.  Thanks for ideas.

PS I use Word Perfect X6, NOT Microsoft Word.

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Rich DeRuiter | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Sep 14 2018 4:25 PM

Mark Roberts:
PS I use Word Perfect X6, NOT Microsoft Word.

Logos copy/paste feature doesn't play well with WP. Sad That's mostly because WP has not kept up with industry standards (blame Corel).

What you might want to do, though it won't be what you're looking for, is copy/paste into Notepad first, then copy the selection into your WP document, create a footnote and insert the footnote material there. 

Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful. Maybe a fellow WP user has a better idea.

[Off topic] I was a WP user for years, but am no longer - mostly because WP doesn't (or didn't then) work well with Unicode (which Logos uses for all it's Greek and Hebrew script). After about 5 years, there are still a few things I miss, but not enough to switch back.

 Help links: WIKI;  Logos 6 FAQ. (Phil. 2:14, NIV)

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In Program Settings, there's a Copy Footnotes As Auto/Footnote/Text option.

If this is set to Auto, it's possible that changing it to Footnote might be better for WordPerfect.

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