Print/Export: unexpected behaviour? bug?

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M G Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 25 2018 8:19 AM

I do, for example, the following: Search > Bible search, Select All Bible Text, in Old Testament, in English Standard Version, and enter 'worship'. The search results have two sections: Fuzzy Bible Search and Bible Results. I close Fuzzy Bible Search by clicking the arrow to the left.

If, in Bible results I choose Grid, or Verses, or Aligned, and then select Print/Export the results display ready to be printed/exported. However, if I choose Analysis, and then Print/Export, the result is an empty page but for the headers (Grid, Verses, etc.) This happens even when the number of columns in Analysis is severely reduced.

BUT, if I open the Fuzzy Bible Search results again, and then select Print/Export, then THESE results appear, with, at the bottom of the results, the same headers (Grid, Verses, etc.) but no results following.

I am fairly certain I have been able to accomplish the printing/exporting of Analysis results in the past, but not now. Can anyone please suggest what I am doing wrong, or confirm this behaviour?


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There is a known bug when trying to print Analysis view in Bible Search Results. (See

The screen is supposed to say "This panel supports export only" (which has always been, and still is, true), but the message isn't displayed. This makes it appear as though Print/Export isn't working. However, the Export options on the right (Save as file, Send to Excel, etc.) should all still be available and working.

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