BUG/REQUEST: ESV Audio controls are inconveniently placed.

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Rob Poelking | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Nov 14 2018 3:44 AM

The audio controls are placed below a very large ESV audio graphic. Even on my very large 27" iMac, when the panes are split up, the audio controls slip below the frame edge making it impossible to access. You cannot scroll the window. You have no choice but to enlarge the window to access the controls. 

Not smart. The audio controls should be above the graphic or a completely separate widget--or the graphic should scale to the size of the window without affecting the audio control.

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David Taylor Jr | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 14 2018 4:42 AM

I'm wondering if this is a Mac only issue. When I docked a window beneath the audio window on a PC the controls snapped to where you could still see them even if the graphic was cut off.

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Rob Poelking | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 14 2018 6:02 AM

David, that is most likely the case since each platform has it's own default audio controls. I seriously doubt Logos wrote their own audio controller. So, instead, it will pick up the system default controller. I just think it's silly that they have this huge graphic for audio playback. 

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