Cannot move a Window in Verbum 8 to my second monitor

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Greg Rose | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Nov 18 2018 5:38 AM

In Verbum 7 I use to be able to drag a window to my second monitor.  In Verbum 8 I get the circle with a line through it when I drag the window to my other monitor.  I can drag anything else, like Word, Excel, etc. with no problem.  I'm running Windows 10 on my PC.  I'm used to having multiple Verbum windows open such as Bible in one Window, search window, Commentary window, etc.  It would be very inconvenient not to be able to do this in Verbum 8!  Opening a tab in a separate window works on one monitor but Verbum won't let me move that window to my other monitor.

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Make sure you're dragging the whole window (using the Windows title bar) and not just a single tab. Verbum (and Logos) don't yet support dragging a tab out of a window (like Chrome and Edge do).

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Greg Rose | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 18 2018 11:24 AM

Thanks so much Brad.  That was my problem...I was trying to drag the tab and not the title bar.

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