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Rob | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Nov 28 2018 8:22 PM

Is there a way to have resources for offline use be downloaded to an external SD card instead of the phone's internal (limited) storage?

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Nov 28 2018 10:30 PM

There never has been a way to store resources to an external SD card, and I doubt there will be!


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George | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 5 2018 7:52 AM

You can only if you have a rooted device.  However, if you root your device you lose Logos support in case something goes wrong.

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JT (alabama24) | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 5 2018 10:59 AM

Your question has been rightly answered, but I will add: Be judicious about the amount of downloads you make. Although a means has been provided to do so, the mobile app isn't designed for you to have all your resources downloaded. Many troubles / headaches & heartaches can occur! I only recommend downloading all of your resources if you are a missionary without internet for weeks (or longer) at a time. Otherwise it is best to download books as you need them along with some standard reference material. 

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Diane Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 14 2018 4:00 PM

On the previous version, I had a lot of my books downloaded to a SD card and had no problems at all. Around 5 gig worth, this was for a tablet. If this newer version doesn't allow this, then they have taken a step back not forward. There may be a time when you can't get internet access and if you can't download most of your library to a SD card, then you are out of luck.

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Diane Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Dec 15 2018 6:34 PM

Here's what worked for me, Android. It was posted in another forum and was emailed to me by customer service. It's the next to last

post in the topic.

You can go there but this is what it says.

There is a very easy way to force Logos app to show the option to store resources in SD Card.

1) Activate Developers Option by going to Settings > About Device > Software Info > tap on Build Number until Developers Mode is turned on.

2) Once step 1 is completed, go out to Settings. You'll see Developer Option now available.

3) Go into Developer Option > Scroll to the end > Turn on "Force allow apps on external"

4) Go out to Settings > Apps > Bible (Logos) > Storage > change to "External Storage" under Storage used.


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Frank Clifton | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 17 2018 1:23 PM

I just tried the suggestion to use developer options. It did not work for me. I just installed the Logos app on my LG V40, the version is 8.0.8. Does anyone know if this still works for that version? Thanks!

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Diane Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 17 2018 3:57 PM

tap build number until developers mode is turned on... I had to tap it about 6 times. It tells you each time you tap it how many more taps you need. This is for an Android tablet, don't know about phones.

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Frank Clifton | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 17 2018 4:09 PM

Diane, I am have Developer Options enabled and have Force allow apps on external turned on.  For another app I am able to move it to external storage.  That's why I wondered if mobile version 8 maybe changed things so this procedure cannot work any more. 

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Jan Krohn | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 17 2018 4:22 PM

Here are instructions how to enable adaptable storage (format SD as internal):

Before you do this, remember that this is unsupported by Logos, and that your SD card becomes internal storage, i.e. you will not be able to read it in other devices unless you re-format it.

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Diane Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 17 2018 4:44 PM

After developers mode was turned on. I went to settings, then apps and picked Logos. I tapped storage, it should then show the option to change to external.

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Frank Clifton | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 18 2018 7:54 AM

Yep, just what I did.  When I go to storage the only options are Clear data and Clear cache.  Oh well.

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