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Dale Garman | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jan 12 2019 8:57 AM

The older mobile app had very limited features, but at least they worked.  It seems the current iOS version has bugs that just make it unusable. 

  • The app just freezes sometimes.  It seems most of the time it is when wifi is present but limited.  It is way too dependent on the a connection, with the biggest impact being the lack of offline resources.
  • Reading plan seems to have just gone beserk.  It may give you as starting point but then it just loses the plot and points you to the wrong passage, and if you are in the correct passage all the markers of reading plan are gone.
  • Notes remain mysterious.  It seems they often just disappear after making them, and no idea what happens to them.  Functions are not parallel to desktop (e.g. cannot add tags).  They really need to be fully parallel.

I suspect there are other things as well, but I just find the basic operation so frustrating I give up.  One reason for using it is to take notes and that is a very awkward implementation in this version.  The mobile version seems still to be an afterthought.

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