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GregW | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jan 17 2019 2:13 AM

I would like the ability to specify a layout to open to when I set up a Reading Plan. 

My use case:

I have three Bible Reading Plans: 

  • Old Testament excl Psalms in the New Living Translation (I try to read a different version each year)
  • New Testament in NA28
  • Psalms in NIV (which is also my top-prioritised Bible and my default version for everything else). 

On the Desktop, when I click on the reading for Old Testament (which should be on the NLT) it opens the NIV without the reading bookmarks for that reading. I then have to open the NLT manually. I would also classify this as a bug. 

When I click on the Reading Plan card for my New Testament reading, I get the standard Bible Reading layout which I've set up to have NIV on the left and NA28/BHS on the right (multiple resources display with NA28/BHS set up as a series so that the appropriate one shows up in different contexts). This is OK, but scrolling in the multiple resources display is driven by the left-hand resource, so that I have to scroll the left-hand pane to the appropriate place in the right-hand pane which is a bit fiddly. 

My Psalms reading opens to the same layout as my New Testament readings, with NIV on the left and BHS on the right. That's fine. 

I suspect I'm not the only one who uses different versions and original-language editions for Bible Reading Plans, and I might be missing a better way of achieving this, but it would really help if I could specify the layout I want it to open to when setting up the Plan. 

Ironically, everything opens correctly on the Ipad app, making it a significantlybetter reading experience. 

This isn't a "must-have" and I don't have incredibly strong feelings about it, but it would really help me in my daily readings not to have to fiddle with panels to get the version I want into the right place and to think about which multi-resource pane I need to scroll in.  An alternative would be to open a Reading Plan to the specified version where the version for the Plan is not the top-prioritised Bible. This does look to be a bit of a bug to me. I'm on Logos 8.1 SP1 on WIndows 10 patched to the latest release. Apologies for the "s" in "prioritise" but I'm British and over 60 and can't bring myself to type it with a "z"!

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