SERMON EDITOR: Please make the VERSE boxes editable!

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chacojerald | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jan 22 2019 11:44 AM

My favorite feature about the Sermon Editor is the way it prepares the slides dynamically for presentation.  One of the most frustrating elements is the inability to do any editing within the verse boxes.  There are so many times I would like to be able to do this!  For example, I want to hone in and use only one part of a verse (one particular phrase for example). Or add a descriptive word in parenthesis for clarification of a difficult word (it could be grey to distinguish from the actual text).  Remarkably, I can go in and edit the passage slide, but I have 0 options for updating the verse box in my actual notes!  It would be great if, once editing the slide, it would ask me if I would like the changes reflected in my notes as well.  Or vice versa, have the ability to change the verse box and have it update the slide.  Either way would be fantastic.

A related feature would be to have the ability to bold or italicize words within the verse that I want to specifically hone in on in my teaching.

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