Suggestion: Provide Synchronization Settings for User Files

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James Ng | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 4 2010 5:08 PM

Matthew C Jones:

James Ng:
Sorry but your terminology isn't what most people term as "Cloud Computing" today

I'd still call P2P  closer to a real cloud model than MS or Google. Resources are truly shared, making it impossible to actually serve warrants on any host hardware because the torrents are spread out.  Also, when we replaced the network at the Eastern Airlines terminal in OKC (IBM PS/2 model 80 MicroChannel Architecture)  with thin clients the setup was very much a "cloud."  There wasn't anything in the machine to store anything on. If you want to sound an alarm for securing "private" data, you are 30 years too late. If you want to pretend the kiddos just invented "the cloud" last week,  Al Gore (inventor of the Internet Wink  ) will contend with you. My whole argument is "You have no privacy on the internet." I'm not limiting my scope to MS, Google, Amazon & Logos. To imply you can have "privacy" of personal data if only you don't synch your Logos while using browsers to post to these forums is incorrect. Challenge my semantics all day. The "privacy" crusade is a farce.

You claim to understand the concepts but all of your examples isn't how it is generally used so when you make blanket statements I'm not sure what your point is when we're using different terminology. There's another thread on the forums not being "fun" anymore is something I stayed out of, but I generally don't agree with people jumping all over a "suggestion" even if its by a Logos MVP which to be honest I expected more understanding from.

At any rate, I'm leaving it as we agree to disagree.

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Matthew C Jones | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 4 2010 6:16 PM

James Ng:
You claim to understand the concepts

Wrong again. I have never been an IT guy, and never claimed to be.  I have limited programming experience but abandoned that when Microsoft started .Net. (I retired in 1998.)  However, I do know more than the average bear about security issues, risks, and hacks. The underlying premise of all these "privacy" debate threads is the security of the data.  I was refocusing on the broader picture. I didn't claim Logos 4 was insecure because it synchs. I didn't even claim it was "cloud based." Those fears were propagated by the "privacy" proponents. (All IT guys?)

I didn't ask why Logos offered me the MVP star. I have a sneaking suspicion it had nothing to do with my looks, computer expertise or popularity on the forum. But I do not mind being called a "fanboy" or "Logosite" because it is a pleasure to watch the Logos leadership do what they are best at. (And boy! They are the BEST at it!)

When we sink to arguing the semantics and the shape of the negotiating table, I'm wasting time here. I'll go read the unanswered posts and try to help somebody who actually likes Logos get better use out of it. Meanwhile, if you need an MVP to discuss tech stuff with, all but one know more than me and I'm not saying who that one is. Geeked )


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