Some things that would make clippings export more useful

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Jim | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Mar 1 2019 8:05 AM
  1. Put Tags at the top of each clipping, not the bottom. The latest version of Logos 8 does a nice job of automatically putting a Scripture reference as the tag, which I find very helpful, but when I export it, it seems that it makes more sense to put all the tags at the top of each entry.
  2. Allow use of a bibliography format putting all that information at the end of the whole export instead of in each note. I find the current format wastes a lot of space and takes work to take out. My main use of clippings is to save a lot of research for a sermon, then print it and read it over so I don't need all that bibliography info on each and every single clipping.
  3. Have an export option to leave out the clipping date. Again it's usually a waste of space and takes time to clean up.
  4. Get rid of extra empty lines but leave the one above the horizontal separator. I export my notes to a markdown editor and three dashes (---) or an line will cause the line above to be a header. (Perhaps you already intended that. If so, thanks.)
  5. In short, some of these could be combined into say, a "condensed" option in the export panel along with a "Use footnote format" option.

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