Pricing of Lexham Press Master Collection (320 vols.)

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Armin | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Mar 19 2019 8:59 PM

I haven't been able to sort this out through Customer Service, so I am hoping that the Forum can help. I purchased the Lexham Press Master Collection (320 vols.) earlier this month. However, looking at the collection now on the website, it states that I still have to pay $214.00 for this resource. It claims that I am missing 7 resources, 6 of which are not yet available for download.

When I contacted Customer Service, they told me that there is a pricing error and it will be fixed soon. This collection should show for me as "already owned". However, it hasn't been fixed for over a week. They were not able to give me a date when it might be fixed. I nearly purchased again this collection, until I realized that I own it already. There might be some people who are now double-charged for books.

In addition, the pricing is interesting (using my specific situation):

Instead of buying again the Master Collection for $214, I can get the same 7 resources that are apparently missing as follows:

- 6 of the resources can be purchased with the package Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology (12 vols.) for $127. 30

- The remaining book can be purchased for with the bundle Lexham Press Biblical Studies Bundle (28 vols.) for $15.62. 

This means that the resources that the system wants me to re-purchase can be bought for a total of $142.92 (using two bundles), OR for $214 (using the Master Collection).

Can somebody explain this to me? 


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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 19 2019 9:17 PM

I noticed an item on the page that states: "The Lexham Press Master Collection includes all add-on resources published through March 1, 2019."

I suspect that the answer may require (a) knowing the date you purchased it and (b) what this read at the time you purchased the package. I'm suspecting that resources have been added to the collection since you purchased it. But it's just a suspicion ...

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Armin | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 19 2019 10:38 PM

I purchased the collection on March 2, 2019. The order states that I purchased the "Lexham Press Master Collection (320 vols.)". So I assume it was the newest collection. The reply from Customer Service seems to assume this as well.

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Dale E Heath | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 19 2019 11:49 PM

I am planning on purchasing this along with some other items. This is what is showing for me:

When you purchase Lexham Press Master Collection (320 vols.), you'll get 8 new resources that would cost $167.32 if purchased individually.

Show: Other Value if sold separately
Christ Is Yours: The Assurance of Salvation in the Puritan Theology of William Gouge $14.39
Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction $17.99
Honey from the Rock: Daily Devotions from Young Kuyper $39.99
Jesus Wins: The Good News of the End Times $14.99
Nature’s Case for God: A Brief Biblical Argument $11.99
The Righteous and Merciful Judge: The Day of the Lord in the Life and Theology of Paul $21.99
Theological Institutes (2 vols.) $29.99
Unbelief and Revolution $15.99
* Your purchase includes this resource, which isn’t available yet. The resource will automatically download to Logos once it’s available. Your exclusive price: $136.17.     
The first 2 are on sale for 40% off and the listed price is the sale price. They are also included in other bundles that I'll have to go through to see what the best deal is.
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Armin | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 20 2019 9:42 AM

Just as an update: Customer Service took care of my issue. Many thanks to them.

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