[bug report] bug in Library search query syntax

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Apr 14 2019 4:49 PM


  • I owned “中文聖經和合本修訂版(上帝版.繁體)”
  • search title:"中文聖經和合本修訂版(上帝版.繁體)" results in 1 match
  • search title:("中文圣经和合本-神版(简体)", "中文聖經和合本修訂版(上帝版.繁體)") results in no match

ie. the addition of "中文圣经和合本-神版(简体)" causes the match on other titles disappeared. In this case, the reason is the existence of the open parenthesis. i.e. even when the string is escaped by double quote, the open parenthesis somehow breaks it. By the way, I’ve found instances where unicode open/closed double quotes (, ) also causes problems in similar situations.

One might say “don’t put those characters there” but if one found the title of resource ‘LLS:ZH-CUNPSMP’ it is exactly what one would obtained. i.e. I didn't put those characters there, Logos does. I have my own fix to this right now but hope that Logos can provides a more robust search syntax.

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