Notes, Tags, Anchor Traing Course?

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Robert J. | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, May 21 2019 1:22 PM

Hi, new purchaser of Logos.

First, I love this software. I am discontinuing use of my other bible programs because Logos is far superior to anything I have used in the past. However, with that comes a rather steep learning curve.

Is there a paid training module or an in depth video outlining the features and use of Logos notes, tags and anchors?

I have hundreds of notes from my other programs that are arduous to search through and I see potential for a much more efficient use of notes in Logos.

Thx Rob.

P.S. how long do I have to prove I'm not a robot?

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Bruce Dunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 21 2019 1:53 PM

To get started there are some helpful free videos here -

Using adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say "yes" to God

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Andrew Biddinger | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 21 2019 1:53 PM

Start with this free webinar that Logos did:

MP Seminars also did a paid one:

Also, the best place to ask Note specific questions is the Notes Faithlife group:

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 21 2019 2:53 PM

Robert J.:
P.S. how long do I have to prove I'm not a robot?

I forget the number of "normal" posts, but if it continues for more than 20 posts start a separate thread on the issue.


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Robert J. | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 21 2019 4:36 PM

thx Andrew, Bruce and Dave for the replies. The links have been helpful and the webinar on notes was very good.

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Kiyah | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 14 2019 9:33 AM

They've made a ton of changes and improvements to Notes since February. I think it would be very helpful if Logos would do another webinar that highlights all of the improvements and helps us get the most out of the new Notes tool. I've kind of been holding off investing too much time and energy in Notes until they added back a lot of the lost functionality. But now, since I've had Logos 8 since October 29th, I feel behind on the learning curve because there was so much functionality missing that has since been added back piecemeal over the last several months. It's hard to learn a tool that is constantly in flux to the degree that Logos 8 has been (more so than Logos 6 or 7).

I would love it if Logos would do some type in in-depth Notes training to help those of us who have really never had a robust Notes system/process develop one for ourselves. Call it Notes Power User Training or something.

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