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Jerry | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, May 21 2019 9:01 PM

I find it very hard to follow instructions to learn to use Logos. I would like it if in the learning videos they would walk you through the steps. For an example if they say studying the word or passage they would use for instance john 3:16 and say do this and have to try it and then the next step and you try it. Precept up on Precept does this and Kay Author inductive bible study does this. It does go through the whole thing with out giving you the chance to do each step. 

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Jack Hairston | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, May 22 2019 2:29 AM

You will love Morris Procter's videos.

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PetahChristian | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, May 22 2019 2:47 AM

Hi Jerry,

Welcome to the forums!

Have you looked into Study the Bible with Logos: Jonah 1? It's a free Mobile Ed course that walks you through the steps of how to study the bible with Logos. It provides an opportunity to do what each short video shows, as you progress through the course.

You can access the course within Logos via the Tools menu, then selecting the Courses tool.

My top three Logos 9 Wishlist items: Carta, Dark mode, and Hebrew audio bible, please.

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Jerry | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, May 22 2019 8:19 AM

hi Jack thanks to responding to my question. Where do I find Morris Procter's videos. Will I be able to see them since I just started Logos and have the free version right now. If I it is good as suggested I will upgrade.

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Reuben Helmuth | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, May 22 2019 9:00 AM

Jerry, Morris Proctor's training videos are independent of anything you own in Logos. I would highly recommend subscribing to the entire library of his videos for at least a month or two. 

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