Imperatives in the Hebrew Bible

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Bram Oudenampsen | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, May 23 2019 1:11 PM

I want to do a search in the BHS for two imperatives that are syndetically bound (< imp. – w.imp >). There may be a few elements in between these verbs (e.g. the -nā particle, prepositional phrases, etc.), although preferably not. In any case, there may be no verbs in between.

I have the Biblical Languages module, but please note that I do not have the BHW (Biblia Hebraica Westmonasteriensis with Westminster Hebrew Morphology). 

What would be an adequate search formula?

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 23 2019 3:51 PM

Bram Oudenampsen:

I want to do a search in the BHS for two imperatives that are syndetically bound

Syntax Search is best for this type of query

The Union/Disjunction applies specifically to elements that are bridged by a conjunction, so it was not necessary to include a Segment for that part of speech (it is included by Anything). If necessary, you can include a Conjunction with a Sentence that is not restricted to Union/Disjunction.

If you want a text search, you have to include an arbitrary separation between elements. I used

<LogosMorphHeb ~ V?M??????>  BEFORE 5 WORDS <LogosMorphHeb ~ C?> BEFORE 2 WORDS  <LogosMorphHeb ~ V?M??????>

for a search of the ESV, but you need more than 5 words for some results from the Syntax Search.

For a Hebrew query, you have to allow conjoining of elements, like conjunction with verb. For BHS SESB, I used

<SESBMorphHeb ~ V?M?????>   BEFORE 5 WORDS <SESBMorphHeb ~ C> BEFORE 0-2 WORDS <SESBMorphHeb ~ V?M?????>

Exclusion is difficult with text Search, so you have to rely on the Syntax Search for a separation much greater than 5 WORDS.


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