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Kytriya | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jun 13 2019 5:55 PM

I am trying to save up money so that I can do several things in order to get the ultimate software setup with Logos.  

1. Afford a desktop computer to replace my Laptop with (keeping the laptop for on the go).

2. Put money in a interest earning savings account so that the interest I earn can pay for (at least in part)...

3. The ultimate Logos set-up. 

I'm still working out how to do this. Everytime I put money aside, something else goes wrong in my life (window, door, car, medical etc.) I have a good idea what resources I want and which ones I wouldn't use. I'm heavily into Messianic Judaism and Judaism, but approach the latter with a heavy Y'Shua is my Messiah and one with the Triune God approach.  I just can't afford to pay monthly fees yet, but working on that. As soon as my sister can start paying me to live with me, I'll be able to get the ball rolling with Logos 8. However, if the Jewish stuff stops being available, then all this planning will be for nothing, as I these are the resources I can't get where I live and do want on Logos.

The Long Prose of distaste for where I live (feel free to skip this if you want).

I have only "anti-Jew" Christian stores in my area making it impossible to buy Messianic Jewish anything. I don't expect them to carry traditional Jewish anything (the traditional Jewish store that was an hour away, closed years ago, as he retired). However, these store refuse to carry anything Messianic Jewish. I asked and the owners are extreme Baptist but I forget which sect. Sorry!

The radio stations are all 100% "Anti-Messianic Jew". The ones in my area can't even play Paul Wilbur songs that are English only because he has Messianic Jewish feel to his music and they refuse to play anything that might witness to lost Jews! I spoke with the person who decides which music is played on one station. That one person I talked too argued that his listeners don't want that music and that he was playing what people wanted. His station repeats the same playlist every four hours.

Most people don't know who Paul Wilbur IS because they were never allowed to even hear him! Those who have heard him (when I played him for them) went out and searched for the CD online and bought it from his own personal store or wrote down his name so that they can buy his cds later! These people weren't Jewish, but instead were the same conservative christians listening to the one station that is against me. (I know because I asked which station they listen too!)

This is also why I am 100% against being "pro-majority" as the Lord our God wants all saved - not just the choir! He wants Jews to learn and grow in Y'Shua-Jesus, and not just the non-Jewish Choir. Being pro-whatever-the-majority wants does not always sit well with the bigger plans. Thus my prayer for Logos....

I am glad that Logos is different and that you do have Jewish and Messianic Jewish resources! My prayer is that traditional Jews will find the Jewish resources and buy Logos and get some of the other resources and become saved! I'd have to admit that the Messianic Jewish resources is severely lacking in that the Messianic Jews themselves aren't publishing enough. This does sort of hurt my plan as the Traditional Jews are more likely to read Messianic resources then Christian "we don't do Jew anything" resources (nevermind that some of those same resources were written by people who have gone to Sedars). You can't offer what they don't even print in the first place! lol 


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Jack Caviness | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 14 2019 3:52 AM

I have only "anti-Jew" Christian stores in my area making it impossible to buy Messianic Jewish anything.

It is indeed sad when professing Christians are so blindly biased—and incredibly ignorant (my bride tells me that I should not call anyone stupid). 

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David A Egolf | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 19 2019 5:06 PM

You may be interested in today's forum post on a new Logos offer of packages for Messianic Jewish resources: 


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