Can't erase rogue highlight

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Jack Hairston | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jun 27 2019 12:19 PM

While reading Luke 9 on my mobile app, Luke 9:52 suddenly was highlighted in green. I could not manage to trash the highlight.

Today I tried to erase the highlight on my desktop version--no joy. It is still highlighted. And now the iPhone shows the highlight expanded to include verses 52-56, which refuses to go to trash. Both programs show the rogue highlights at the same time. Sync does not make them alike.

Has anyone else seen this weird behavior?. 

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DominicM | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jun 27 2019 12:57 PM

might your logos be indexing, this has been the reason for me the 2 times it has happened

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Jack Hairston | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jun 27 2019 1:30 PM

Nope. Thanks for the input, though.

By the way, were you ever able to erase the unerasable highlight?

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Jack Hairston | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jun 27 2019 1:50 PM

Stumbled on a solution:

  1. In the Notes tool, clear all filters to show all notes AND highlights (both).
  2. Set the order to "by Date Modified" to see most recent notes and highlights.
  3. Scroll down to the verses with the rogue highlights.
  4. Activate each one by clicking on the verse, then at the panel menu (three vertical bullets) select "Delete Note."

Some of the rogue highlights were situations where the note was both a note AND highlight. To fix them, activate the note and set the highlight to "None."

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Reuben Helmuth | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 28 2019 9:25 AM

Jack, are you aware that you can right-click on text containing an annotation (or select a portion of text to if you wish to include annotations on nearby text...) and choose "open annotation(s)" from the context menu? This will open a Notes Tool instance filtered to only the notes/highlights from your selected text (much easier that "hunting" for them in ALL notes).

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