Co-authorsip position. Purchasers from 3 Weeks ago of Master Library Expansion L or XL

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Unix | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jul 8 2019 7:11 AM

I've got an author-contract, everything is included including marketing, in addition to that I'm taking a social media marketing class which still lasts more than ½ a Year more. There's still Years to author the book.

I've considered ways to find a co-author.

Now, what I'm offering is a position I can offer privately. We can figure out a compensation for You if that is important in order for You to get in, but my idea now is that I search amongst those who purchased said bundle (it was for a short moment during the night before Bellingham offices opened, offered by mistake at a small fraction of the sale price it was supposed to be introduced at), so I'd prefer if You are satisfied with what books You have, and with regard to that could start.

You may write or call first adding me on WhatsApp: +358408654301, or:

What we should write about is up to us to decide. I'm open to writing within many areas - outside Biblical scholarship too, I'm in fact broadening my intellect by utilizing academic books, Wikipedia, YouTube. I've started out shopping on

ONE person has shown interest.

You don't need to necessarily have a degree if You have learned a lot on Your own hand and own lots and lots of books.
What I would like You to have, is time on Your hands, and patience with that there is a set timeframe for when the book is to come out.

If You ARE interested You may comment, but I won't be answering on this thread but instead personally, but You may express openly, if You wish to do so, that You are interested.

When it comes to Fred Chapman's complaint below, that assumes I'm the one profiting a lot, perhaps I'm going to write in future will the proceeds to go to future wife. I'm myself the one PAYING the publishing costs

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jul 8 2019 9:44 AM

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