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SteveHD | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jun 10 2010 9:29 PM

A while back I asked for a good way to hide resources just from the iPhone; did not go far. I think it is more important now. Up to 2 months ago my data usage was hardly noticeable 10 - 40 MB, and then I bought the Platinum package. My data usage the first month went to over 500MB. With the new data usage scheme I would have nearly tripled the 200MB limit and incurred usage charges.

I know that Wi-Fi does not get charged but I only have Wi-Fi at home and well, the desktop is here. It is at church, bible studies and other non-Wi-Fi locations that I must resort to 3G data. If I can't do that safely I will uninstall the application.


While those of us who already have the service get unlimited data there may come a time when we will want a iPhone 4 or AT&T will force our renewal at a measured data usage amount and I would like to be able to have a much smaller sub set of my resources without having to hide them from the desktop as well.

I can’t image that a “hide from Mobile” button on all resources that are not already hidden would be that tough; though the syncing between the desktop and mobile device might need to be a bit more reliable.

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