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Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 25 2019 1:49 PM

Hi power users:

There is a Zondervan's seminary in a box bundle in other platforms. It contains 4 resources:

  • Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem (edited by Elliott Grudem)
  • Journey into God’s Word by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays
  • Introducing the Old Testament by Tremper Longman III
  • Introducing the New Testament by D. A. Carson and Douglas J. Moo (edited by Andrew David Naselli)

Given the varied experiences that power users have, I would like to know what would be your version of a Seminary in a box.

You can add resources, make a brand new list, or take some out and replace them, as you wish.

Just remember that the Portable Seminary book (not available in L8) deals with:

Surveys OT n NT                  missions

Systematic theology             ethics

Biblical langauages               Christian education

Church history                      other subjects

Also remember John Fallahee's important topics:

  1. Baptism 
  2. Biblical Counseling
  3. Calvinism vs. Arminianism (Sovereignity of God, Foreknowledge)
  4. Christ (God-Man)
  5. Elders/Deacons
  6. Eternal Security
  7. Extent of the Atonement
  8. Genesis (Young Earth, Old Earth, Evolution)
  9. Gifts (including the tongue)
  10. Gospel: What is the message and for who?
  11. Homosexuality
  12. Inerrancy of the Bible
  13. Lord’s Supper 
  14. Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage
  15. Rapture & Millennium
  16. Role of Repentance in Salvation
  17. Tithing/Giving
  18. True Christianity
  19. Unbelievers & Hell
  20. Women in Ministry
  21. KJV ONLY

Thanks ahead of time for sharing your mind on this.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 25 2019 7:09 PM

Another view of the required topics from https://stas.org/en/seminary-life/study/academic-program:

Year of Humanities 
Introduction to Philosophy 2h
Introduction to Humanities 3h
Acts of the Magesterium I 2h
Latin I                                                                                               5h
Writing 2h
Chant 3h
Music History 1h
Bible History 1h
Total 19h


Year of Spirituality 
Introduction to Sacred Scripture                                                                                                    2h
Ascetical & Mystical Theology 5h
Liturgy 2h
Acts of the Magisterium II 2h
Latin II 4h
Liturgical Chant 2h
Total 17h


First Philosophy 
Exegetical Study of Sacred Scripture (Old Testament – Pentateuch) 2h
Introduction to Philosophy and Cosmology 3h
Psychology 3h
Fundamental Theology: de Ecclesia 3h
History of the Church: Christian Antiquity                                                                                    2h
Latin III 2h
Liturgical Chant 1h
Liturgy 1h
Total 17h


Second Philosophy 
Exegetical study of Sacred Scripture (Psalms & Prophetical Books) 2h
Philosophy: Metaphysics 5h
Philosophy: Ethics 2h
Fundamental Theology: de Ecclesia                                                                                           3h
History of the Church: Middle Ages 2h
Liturgy 1h
Total 16h


First Theology 
Exegetical study of Sacred Scripture (Gospels) 2h
Dogmatic Theology: de Deo Uno et Trino, de Deo Creatore                                                       6h
Moral Theology: de Matrimonio, de Poenitentia 4h
Canon Law: Normae Generales, De Personis (de clericis) 2h
History of the Church: The Protestant Revolt 3h
Liturgical Chant 2h
Spanish 2h
Total 21h


Second Theology 
Exegetical study of Sacred Scripture (St. Paul) 2h
Dogmatic Theology: de Gratia, de Angelis, de Christo, Mariologia 6h
Moral Theology: de Principiis Theologiae Moralis 4h
Canon Law: de Religiosis, de Laicis, de Rebus (de Locis et Temporibus Sacris, de Cultu Divino)    2h
History of the Church: The Age of Revolutions 3h
Liturgical Chant 2h
Spanish 2h
Total 21h


Third Theology 
Exegetical study of Sacred Scripture (Catholic Epistles & Apocalypse) 2h
Dogmatic Theology: de Sacramentis, de Novissimis 6h
Moral Theology: de Justitia, de Prudentia, de Fortitudinis, de Temperentia                                   4h
Canon Law: de Magisterio, de Beneficiis, de Bonis Temporalibus 2h
Pastoral Theology 2h
History of the Church: The 19th & 20th Centuries 2h
Spanish 2h
Patrology 1h

Orthodox Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev: "To be a theologian means to have experience of a personal encounter with God through prayer and worship."

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Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 25 2019 7:17 PM

Excellent, thank you MJ.

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Paul | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 26 2019 4:28 AM

I started a blog series on a "portable M.Div" a while back.  I finished blog posts on NT, OT, and Hermeneutics and this post has motivated me to finish what I started.  The idea was to provide recommended resources for pastors/missionaries/educated lay people who want to go further, but for whom seminary isn't a realistic option.  It was not designed with Logos solely in mind.  The recommendations are also clearly coming from an American Evangelical Protestant perspective (sorry MJ as well as the majority of Christians out there).  Beyond that, even though I try to focus on "core" Christianity, I am sure my own Wesleyan-Arminian tendencies to show up as well.


Background:  I have been a pastor, missionary (Bible translator), trained pastors in Uganda and Kenya, I have an M.Div

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Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 26 2019 9:15 AM

Thank you Paul for sharing the link.

If you can, check the following:


From my perspective pay attention to points 2.2, 2.6 and the related annex.

I would like to see a Systematic theology that also has Practical Christian living principles, truths, etc. because is not only about Hearing and studying the word of God and systematize it, but to put it in practice to help in expanding the kingdom and develop christian development and stewardship.

You could also check:


They seem to be able to train leaders for less than 1000 usd.  I have not been able to find their curriculum.

Peace and grace.

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