Pasting without references in mobile apps

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Gregorio Billikopf | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 25 2019 5:49 PM

SUGGESTION: option to paste without references attached when using mobile apps.


Most of the time I just want to paste a word or expression such as:

מִיָּמִ֖ים יָמִֽימָה

But instead I get:

Exodus 13:10 (BHS/WHM 4.2): מִיָּמִ֖ים יָמִֽימָה

תודה רבה

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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 25 2019 10:44 PM

As a temporary workaround you could paste your expression into a Logos Note - which doesn’t provide the reference. And you could then copy / paste into an external application.

I actually think copying into a Logos Note should include the quotation and it has been asked for but you could take advantage of the current behaviour.

However I do agree that we should have the option.

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