Logos in a Win 10 Pro KVM hosted on Kubuntu

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John Goodman | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Aug 22 2019 9:44 AM

I have a Macbook pro late 2011 and the well known but dreaded graphics chip glitch has finally caught up with my machine and the ati chip is cooked. Fortunately some clever people have found ways to force the machine to use integrated graphics only. This seems not to be very reliable on macos, and impossible on windows so...

I am now running kubuntu which works very nicely on the machine with integrated graphics. Everything was fine but no Logos. Now we've had many discussions about getting it to work on linux and it looks pretty impossible but as I have several unused licenses for Win 10 pro I decided to go with the virtual machine solution. But would performance be a show stopper?

I've installed Logos 8.7 on a KVM based virtual machine running windows 10. It was a bit harder to set up than virtualbox but I think the KVM solution is faster. Now everything is indexed it is hard to fault the speed and convenience. I'm interested to try with a virtual mac os too but I've never virtualised it although I think as its apple hardware it is allowed.

So to anyone who was unsure about the performance of Logos on a virtual machine its fine.

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