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Nathan Parker | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Aug 30 2019 4:39 PM

I’m taking a Biblical Theology Research Seminar with Craig Blaising at SWBTS this semester. Our primary textbook is Klink and Lockett’s Understanding Biblical Theology. I will be writing a research paper this semester.

He wants me to study William Dumbrell, specifically starting with Chapter 11 in Out of Egypt (Dumbrell’s article which I have), and he wants me to examine Dumbrell’s biblical presentation of salvation history and what Dumbrell is seeing in the biblical text to construct his salvation history and how he argues for supercessionism. He also wants me to determine what he is not seeing in the biblical text in order to argue for a non-supercessionist approach.

My research interests are with Blaising’s work in Progressive Dispensationalism and kingdom theology, so he’s using my study of Dumbrell to prepare me for more PhD-dissertation level work.

What are some good search strategies in Logos I can use for this? I can attach a couple of articles as well if that would help. I have a general idea on how to search in Logos for this, but I'm mainly posting to ensure I'm covering all my basis and being thorough in my research.

Hope this helps and let me know if I need to clarify anything!

Nathan Parker

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