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GregW | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Sep 9 2019 6:13 AM

This might be a feature of my workflow that doesn’t affect other users, but I thought it worth putting out there. I have used my iPad to preach from ever since Sermon documents first came into Logos. The Logos iOS app makes it very easy to preach from with minimal fuss. A couple of years ago I switched to a Surface Pro when my previous laptop came to the end of its life, my thinking being that I could replace my iPad altogether. Two years on I am still preaching from my iPad. I find the experience of preaching from a Sermon document on an iPad a very smooth and simple process, whereas doing it on a Windows tablet within Logos is clunky and difficult. Using the browser-based app (where you can swipe down more easily) is also a non-starter for me as quite a few of the places I preach don‘t have decent WiFi so it would be too unreliable. The problems are:

  1. There isn’t a facility to swipe down the page on a Sermon document in the Windows version of Logos in tablet mode, so the only way of scrolling down is to put your finger on the slider bar and move the bar. Not easy when you’re trying to do it with 100 or so people watching you. 
  2. In Text display on a Windows tablet you don‘t see anything you’ve formatted as a “prompt”. I put prompts in where I need to change slides so these are necessary for me (and no, using Proclaim isn’t an option for me). 

My iPad is coming to the end of its useful life and I would really like to be able to continue using Sermon documents to preach from, as it has become an integral part of my workflow. I would really like to be able to do that on my Surface Pro but at the moment it is just too clunky. I am a big fan of the Sermon facility, but really would love to see this feature that is available on the iOS version made available on the full Windows version as well. 

I do appreciate that this is not an issue that affects a large number of people, but it’s frustrating to me to have to retain an iPad simply to preach from. 

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