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Richard Billingsley | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 15 2019 12:47 PM

I know there is a place for making suggestions and voting, but I could not remember or find the link to it,  So, I will place it here.

In the Logos Notes, there are two icons the FILTERS and NOTEBOOKS. 

While these are good to switch between the two there could also be an enhanced function of EXPAND and COLLAPSE the active contents tree.  

For example, when one is viewing the "Filters," clicking on the "Filter" icon the tree structure below would collapse to just the Filter headings.  And when the Filter headings are collapsed it would be easier to find that one Tag, topic much quicker and open it to find the desired item.  

The same goes for the Notebooks.  Although less so than for the Filters.  It all depends on the number of Notebooks one has.  Probably just hide the notes count so one could see just the titles.


Richard Billingsley

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