Problems with fonts when inserting powerpoints

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Sylvia Hoyland | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Oct 19 2019 7:33 AM

I have noticed that there a couple of threads already on this issue from 2012/13, but no apparent solution.

I am inserting a powerpoint into Proclaim and the font is being changed. The machine is the same, the fonts are installed, and they are the same font (CMG Sans) used for the songs and Bible verses (in Proclaim) and we don't have any problem with those. Being unable to drop powerpoints in 'as is' creates so much more work for people volunteering. Exporting as jpegs and then inserting them in that way is an unnecessary waste of our time when it seems like it should be something quite simple to fix. I understand that Faithlife wants us to be able to create everything within the software, but this happening is still a long way off and we need to be able to work with what we have. I have had to justify our use of Proclaim to the lead pastor to get the funding agreed by the leadership team, and I'm now struggling to justify it because it just isn't syncing well with what we're doing already (this isn't the first powerpoint related issue we have had)

Is there now a solution that does NOT involve exporting to jepgs?

Thank you,


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Jordan Sjodin | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Oct 19 2019 4:47 PM

Hi Sylvia, sorry for the issues. What platform are you on? And then in the settings menu do you have this option checked?

Having this checked should be default and normally leads to the fonts looking right. (On Mac it uses Keynote and Windows uses PowerPoint)

What other PowerPoint related issue did you have? Could you share a sample ppt that is causing issues?

p.s. font issues are one of the reasons using Proclaim is better than PowerPoint, since all the machines, windows and Mac automatically have the same fonts and will always look the same. What features are we lacking that are keeping you from using Proclaim for the sermon slides?

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Sylvia Hoyland | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 30 2019 1:05 AM

Hi Jordan,

Thank you for your response, and sorry for the delayed reply back. We've been using a workaround for now (I haven't been importing from my own mac, they've been doing it from the church pc instead). I've tried importing with that box checked and it's the same issue. My Mac is running High Sierra 10.13.6. 

This is an example powerpoint: 2210.Bri 29th Dec with transitions.pptx

Another reason we're still using Powerpoints is that some of our preachers like to bring up a small amount of text at a time (you'll see that within the powerpoint above). But in order to get this to 'work' in Proclaim, I need to create different slides for each small bit of text so they will come up separately, which is another time-intensive task: 6457.Bri 29th Dec.pptx

And the final thing is that Proclaim slides just aren't as 'flexible'. When I have to create something, I'm finding myself creating things in Powerpoint because it's just easier and enables me to be more creative (and I'm a big fan of Proclaim!). We can have multiple images with text for each one, and we can highlight a word within a sentence by using a different font, I haven't found these features yet in Proclaim. 

Sorry if it seems like I'm being really negative!


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