Presentation Change/Version Tracking and Role Limitation

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Luke Hughes-Bunger | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Oct 30 2019 5:21 AM


We've recently switched to Proclaim for our worship service presentations. I am really keen for each member of the service (eg, worship leader, preacher, service leader, etc) to be responsible for loading the elements they are responsible for into the presentation themselves, but, especially while members of the team are still transitioning to and learning Proclaim, the leader of the AV Team is not keen to allow people outside of the Presentation Operators, and our office staff team access to the presentations, for fear of people accidentally changing/moving/deleting/breaking other parts of the service.

Is their either change-tracking functionality built in, so that an administrator can undo changes made to a presentation by other users, and/or an option to "lock down" certain parts of the presentation so that they cannot be changed by people without authorisation (eg, so members of the worship team cannot make changes to the sermon slides, only add songs, and no-one outside of the office staff can change the pre- and post-service loops?

I am not overly concerned about this myself, but I know it is somewhat of a sticking point for the AV team. I think, overall, opening it up to other users will reduce their workload on a sunday morning, but they are concerned that they will be stuck with a lot of extra troubleshooting work if people make unauthorised changes to the slideshow.

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Myke Harbuck | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 30 2019 6:55 AM

You can definitely see who made the latest change to an item, although I dont think you can see full change history. See here:

Sorry, not aware of the ability to lock slides to prevent edit.

Myke Harbuck
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