Logos 8 New Tab Behavior

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Ben | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Nov 5 2019 7:01 PM
So, I hit Ctl+T and instantly get a new tab. And then I instinctively start typing, as if the default behavior when I've opened a new tab is that Logos expects me to type in and narrow down something from my library. But that's not what actually happens. So I go up to the entry box, and type in what I want... which then opens in a new tab, leaving my original new tab empty. Not once have I CTL+T, and then moused to the cover image of the book I want to open. Long years of Bibleworks have left me a power user with the keyboard, expecting to be able to do virtually everything by simply typing it in, fast, and manipulating my workspace with keyboard shortcuts. Any chance we could change the typing behavior when opening a new tab? I mean, one opens a new tab to open a new resource, so typing after a new tab is opened should default to some kind of narrow-down-a-book-from-my-library-and-open-that-in-this-tab.

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