Is it supposed to be this slow?

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NATHAN | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 22 2020 11:19 AM

1,000 x Amen! Attention Logos: you broke notes. Please fix. If you gave me the opportunity to go back to Logos 7 I would do it in a heartbeat no questions asked. I don’t appreciate contacting tech support for crash issues and being told ” you have too many notes” or “you have too many resources.” Please resurrect old notes (which probably won’t ever happen) or fix this abomination known as Logos 8 notes.  I also don’t appreciate that in logos 8 certain resources will not work unless you have internet cloud access. Please understand that missionaries need to be able to work offline. It is my humble opinion that your dependency upon cloud and internet is part of the reason Logos 8 is slow and crashes and won’t operate certain resources that used to download directly to your hard drive (ie they would still operate while offline). Let’s get one thing straight, for as much as you charge for product, I want everything on my hard drive. It is mine provided I abide by copyright law. I’m not renting outrageously expensive product. I should be able to use it anywhere in the world, with or without internet and not put lives at risk. Copy?

I share Chris Clark’s frustration. Logos 8 was the 2nd worst financial decision I’ve ever made. I miss the seamlessness of Logos 7. Thank you again for all that you do but you missed the ball on this one big time.


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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, May 23 2020 1:48 AM

Greeting Nathan,

Welcome to the forums - your fellow users are here to help.

I can sense your frustration and anger in your post. I am sure that you have expressed these feelings to Logos directly. Bob Pritchett the owner of the company is contactable via the Faithlife web site if you think that he can be of help.

In the meantime you should realise that these forums are really a 'self-help' resource and are not the a place to galvanise the company into a major rethink of its strategy as the majority of those contributing are, like me, simply users hoping, every now and then, to help a fellow user out with a tip, trick or suggestion.

However if you would care to be more specific about the 'resources that will not work' we may well be able to help you overcome some of your pain points.

As far as I am aware there are no resources that will not download to your hard drive.

There are certain functions that work on resources that require internet access but these are cloud based because the average computer (and most hand held devices) do not have either the memory or storage space to allow them to be completed on the user's machine.

I am sure that Bob Pritchett would be most concerned to find that there were resources that you paid for that were not downloadable to a standard Windows or MacOS operated computer. We are all aware that some resources are not available on hand held devices due to licensing problems but even these are getting fewer and fewer.

Please let us know what resources you are referring to, it will allow us to check whether yours is an isolated case or if there is a general problem.

It is also helpful to be clear in your own mind about the difference between resources (which you pay for) the basic software engine (which is provided free of charge) and the functions (which you can purchase or rent in various combinations).

The free software is given to you.

The resources are yours to download and keep.

The functions (whether bought or rented) may change with time and software version. Some work offline and some online. It is pretty clear at the time of purchase or rental which is which.

All that said. If you want us to help troubleshoot get back to us with specifics and we will do what we can to help.

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Phil Gons (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, May 23 2020 2:02 PM

Andy Fuqua:

I have had the same issue with Logos 8. I have a 2017 MacBook and I usually am only running Logos and Spotify concurrently. My MacBook handles everything like a champ, except Notes in Logos. I frequently experience a 20-30 second lag when clicking on a note to open it or when creating a new note. Highlighting is a little faster, more like a 5-10 second delay.

I use Logos daily for sermon prep. It's super frustrating to be slowed down. I've even thought about not using Notes at all in Logos but taking notes in different software.

I have 4,339 total notes and highlights.

Any ideas?

I'm sorry you've been experiencing slow performance. This is definitely not normal. We'll look into it.

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Armin | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, May 24 2020 6:55 AM

I also find notes to be very slow. I don't yet have 57,000 notes but have similar issues with 15,500 notes and highlights. 

Overall, I like the new notes tool but speed needs to increase. I also wished that there are more filtering options. For instance, I wished I could specify a date range when searching notes. Also string searches within notes still has some issues.

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Tim | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 5 2020 1:36 PM

Chris, this is essentially a limitation to how all databases work. They only can deal with a certain amount of text data before they start slowing down. The more entries in the database (number of notes in a notebook) or the more the Text data (length of notes) the slower things will run. I have run into the very same problem, only my issue is by the time I put all my work into each passage, each note is too long so that the cumulative effect is the same. 

The other thing that I have noticed having a significant impact is having 2 notes open simultaneously. For some reason that seems at times to put significant additional burden on the system. 

This has nothing to do with fault, just technology and how it works. I understand your frustration and share it from time to time. Hopefully for you migrating notes into other notebooks will over time help reduce the burden on the database enough that you see tangible results. 

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NATHAN | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 5 2020 2:22 PM

False. Lag in performance never occurred under Logos 7. This is peculiar to Logos 8. That is why people are requesting it get fixed. I appreciate your opinion, but I do not appreciate any attempts to make legit complaints seem as though there is nothing that can be done. ”Oh well data just does this“ is not acceptable if you can identify a specific date and even the source of the problem (ie transitioning from Logos 7 to Logos 8).

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DMB | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 5 2020 2:37 PM

Lag in performance never occurred under Logos 7

Correct. I own L8, but run L7 and for good reason.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 5 2020 2:50 PM

This is peculiar to Logos 8. That is why people are requesting it get fixed.

This is the same as saying that the new note system - a complete rewrite with a very long beta period - is slower than the old note system. IIRC among the many changes implement was moving notes to a SQL database and making them accessible across all platforms. As all application design is a balancing act between cost, performance, machine requirements etc. ... it is not inappropriate to point out that the switch in the data storage is an element of the equation. That does not mean that nothing can be done ... it means that to the extent that the database is a chokepoint, optimization for a particular access can be considered (but often at the cost of other performance). It's not intended to undermine your legitimate complaint; it is an attempt to provide context. You and the rest of us are the ultimate source defining "acceptable performance".

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Paul Dirks | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 17 2020 9:11 AM

I would like to add my voice to the group of discontented with current Notes speed. I was very pleased with upgrades to Notes in L8 and use the new functionality almost daily. However, I just upgraded two weeks ago from a Lenovo X1 Yoga 1st Gen i7 to a 4th Gen i7 and I am very dissapointed that performance is roughly the same. I still can't type full speed in Notes as there is a lag. I need Notes to function at roughly the same responsiveness as MSWord or Wordpad. Something needs to be improved.

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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 17 2020 9:23 AM

Ignore this, replied to an early post thinking it was the end of thread.

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chrisclark | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 17 2020 10:36 AM

Actually, Kevin, the post that you said to ignore—where you told me to try moving my notes around via actually worked quite well...and much more quickly. I can start moving the notes from some of my more bulky subfolders into smaller folders. crashes! Thanks

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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 17 2020 11:03 AM

Oh great! I didn't notice until a short time after posting that your post was 4 weeks ago, so thought my response would of been irrelevant now, so removed it, but glad it helps.Yes

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