iPad & Pen: Marking up & Highlighting the Text

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Christopher (Greenfield, WI) | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 8 2019 3:11 PM

I recently got my first tablet (iPad) and a pen to go with it.  I REALLY like using a pen with a tablet.  For that matter, I REALLY like holding a tablet — it reminds me of the days when all we had were books.  Nothing like hibernating with a book and getting lost in it.  And I’m back from memory lane.

For those of you who use a tablet and pen for Logos Bible reading / study, etc., how to you interact with the text for markups, highlighting, etc.

I’ve been noodling the past few days on the best way for me to do so and I haven’t really found anything totally rewarding yet.

The Logos Canvas option (by way of app.logos.com) shows potential.  But it’s not quite ready for prime time (imho).  I’m experimenting with copying / sharing text from Logos, YouVersion, Bible Gateway, and The Remarkable Bible (NET Bible).  I either send the text to Dropbox and then import to an app such as Notability or just send it directly to Notability.  I’ve discovered text from the Remarkable Bible keeps the formatting in tact.  And only The Message by way of YouVersion can be copied / shared to Notability with the formatting acceptable (no other version can be copied / shared).

For what it’s worth, I tried exporting the .png image from Canvas and could not get that recognized in Notability.  I don’t believe I can save the image to .gif and then export that — that might work.  However, I’d probably have to send it to a photo editing app and then do the conversion and then see if that works.  Needless to say, I’m looking for a simple, efficient way where I can start working with the text on a tablet with a pen.

What works for you?

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Doc B | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 8 2019 4:33 PM

Sounds like you've found most of what's doable. For several years, I copied text from my ESV into a text box in Notability on my iPad and marked it up. But it was a bit slow to use during a sermon and I finally gave up and quit using it altogether.

I've messed with canvas a bit and found even less satisfaction than you did.

We keep hearing hints of better interaction, but so far, that's not where the resources are going. (And I can't argue against some of the higher fix priorities.)

My thanks to the various MVPs. Without them Logos would have died early. They were the only real help available.

Faithlife Corp. owes the MVPs free resources for life.

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Hey Calvin...er...Doc, Big Smile

Yep -- priories are fixed first!

So you used an iPad while preaching and the iPad was a bit slow?  Or the sermon prep was a bit slow using the iPad?  Or was the preacher slow?  Just kidding! Smile

Yeah, things are what they are and we should be grateful for the blessings we have in Christ Jesus.  Period!

But...(kidding again!)

On a totally unrelated note (egads, I'm hijacking my own post!), after getting a magnifying glass out and looking at the emojis, I noticed a beer stein, a martini glass, and the Devil. Indifferent  Hmm...now I need to think up a post where I can use all three of 'em.  Ahem.  Still kidding!

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One solution I stumbled on (not elegant) on an Apple OS machine is to do the following: 

1. Open Logos on the desktop, open a Bible passage, verse, selection of text, etc., and choose a portion of it.  Right click on it, and choose “Add to Canvas” in the drop down menu box.  

2. In Canvas, click the 3-vertical dots in the upper right section of the window.  Choose “Expert as Image.”  Then click “Export”.  Type a “Save As” name if you want, and change the format from “PNG” to “GIF”.  Save it to DropBox or iCloud Drive (or you can save it anywhere on your computer although it may be easier to save everything in one place — keep reading below).  

3. Open up Dropbox (or iCloud) and highlight the file.  Press “File” and then “Print”.  Or in the black menu bar at the bottom press the “Print” icon.  Make sure you seeing the Print Preview screen.  In the lower left corner press the PDF dropdown box.  Choose “Open in Preview”.  Choose “Edit” in the upper menu bar and then choose “Select All”.  Double Click on the text area.  This will select the immediate text box.  Go again to the upper menu bar and select “File” and then “Export as PDF”.  Choose Dropbox (or iCloud).  Name the document (if you wish) and and press “Save”.

4. Go into a Note app (such as Notability) and import the file.

5. Once you have the PDF file on your tablet, go back into Dropbox (or iCloud) and delete the file(s) you no longer need.

Here’s an example of the end result:

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Here’s a solution that works better:

1. On the desktop computer (Apple OS example), choose a portion of text in Logos.  Click the vertical 3-dots in the upper right corner of the window your in.  Select “PDF Document” under the “Save as file” title.  Name it and choose where your sending it (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.)  Click “Save”.

2. Import that file into your note app on the tablet.

3. Delete file residing on Dropbox, iCloud, etc.

Here’s an example of this method:

6215.Gal 2.16-21.pdf

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Doc B | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 10 2019 2:13 PM

Christopher (Greenfield, WI):
So you used an iPad while preaching

I wasn't very clear, so I'll use Dubya language...I wasn't the serminator, but the recepticator of the sermonification.

The rest of your response line was outstandingly funny.

My thanks to the various MVPs. Without them Logos would have died early. They were the only real help available.

Faithlife Corp. owes the MVPs free resources for life.

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Doc B:
 I wasn't the serminator, but the recepticator of the sermonification. 

Well now it's clear as mud.  Dubya would be proud! 

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spitzerpl | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 10 2019 6:49 PM

in Studying Nehemiah I exported the book into a word document using my desktop, formatted it,  and then saved it as a PDF. I then used notability to mark it up.

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Do the heavy lifting in one fell swoop.

And if your short on time, you could format Word in teaching pericopes (not the ones in submarines) as needed and then export the PDF's.

Thanks for sharing that spitzerpl!

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Christopher (Greenfield, WI) | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Dec 31 2019 12:29 PM

The one thing I don't like about Crossway's ESV Digital Scripture Journal is that the highlights / notes don't transfer between the 4-orientations.  They are:

1. Portrait - Light mode

2. Landscape - Light mode

3. Portrait - Dark mode

4. Landscape - Dark mode

Make a notation and/or highlight in one orientation and it does not appear in the other orientations (keep in mind you are using another app to view these pdf's).

Or...maybe I'm doing it wrong. Confused  That's also a possibiity.  I'm sure there will be future upgrades if this product takes off.

Otherwise it's useful as a Bible / Life journal, taking sermon notes, etc.

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