Less than two weeks left in the year. What do you thank FL for from 2019?

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 19 2019 8:15 PM

For myself the major positives of 2019 are:

  • the new Context Menu - especially switching the left and right sides
  • the patient support from Bradley, Philana, Kyle, Sean and Adam in the forums I'm most active in
  • the (incomplete) revision of the library types e.g. Study Bible 

Thank you FL employees who make this all possible.

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MWW | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 19 2019 10:00 PM

Thankful that FL does for us what Timothy did for Paul,

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Veli Voipio | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 19 2019 11:30 PM

Lexham Geographic commentary


Gold package, and original language material and ancient text material, SIL and UBS books, discourse Hebrew OT and Greek NT. PC with Windows 8.1

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Darrell Tan | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 19 2019 11:48 PM

All the FBOTM offers.

Being able to change the font on mobile.

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John C Connell Jr. | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 20 2019 4:03 AM

For focing me to learn how to use the new Notes tool. Notes has become an integral part of what I do with Logos each day.


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Paul | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 20 2019 4:27 AM

I would like to thank Faithlife and its hard working employees for all the new Jewish and Messianic Jewish material that has been offered this year including in the new packages. Its eye opening and a joy to read. Merry Christmas to all in Faithlife!  Keep well Paul 

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Myke Harbuck | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 20 2019 5:41 AM

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

  1. I'm thankful for the forums and the MVPs that share their brilliance and wisdom daily. I can't imagine the cumulative time they spend helping us in these forums! And as volunteers!
  2. Thankful for tagged images in Logos and visual copy. I use these every week for illustration slides in my teachings.
  3. Thankful for Proclaim, that has revolutionized my slide presentation and e-bulletin preparation.
  4. Thankful for the mobile app that gives me access to 99% of my resources on the go!
  5. Every time I open Wordsearch for a book not offered in Logos, I am especially thankful for Logos! No comparison.

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DMB | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 20 2019 6:06 AM

Impressed AND thankful.

The other day, someone was talking about layouts, and I realized I'd been using the same literal layout for years. And it's huge ... when I get another reference book, I add it to the layout. One more can't matter, surely. I think I'm approaching about 200 reference books in a layout.

And maybe I'm lucky, but there was a serious bug about 9 years ago. Sure, there were crashes etc (L5 was the crash-king). But pretty stable, given the 'abuse', indices, etc. 

Whoever planned the architecture maybe 11-12 years ago (granted, slow), really did a nice job. 

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SineNomine | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 20 2019 6:42 AM

I'm particularly thankful for

  • Solid customer support and engagement from patient FL teams on and off the forums
  • Good sales and lots of freebies
  • Improved and improving Verbum offerings
  • The fact that Verbum works and not having to worry about my books going up in smoke (or mould)
  • Continuing improvements to features and reduction of bugs

Ego vobis maxime gratias ago.

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Mathew Haferkamp | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 20 2019 10:28 AM

Logos has brought me to a level that I never would have achieved on my own, and still going!!!

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Bruce Dunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 20 2019 10:44 AM

The context menus were a big improvement that I have enjoyed. I love the power of right-clicking within Logos.

I'm thankful for the forums and the many things I learn and continue to learn from everyone.

Logos is not perfect I love that Faithlife is committed to continual improvement.

Thank you!

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