iOS Reader Suite 8.11.0 (9) Beta Release Notes

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Faithlife Announcements | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jan 20 2020 4:07 PM


As announced previously, we will be dropping support for iOS 11 at the end of February (when 8.11 is scheduled to be released). All devices that can run iOS 11 can run iOS 12.4 or above, so this does not mean we are dropping support for any devices.

The Mobile team is pleased to announce the 8.11.0 (9) Beta release of the Logos, Faithlife Study Bible, Biblia, Faithlife Ebooks and Verbum apps. The apps should be available in TestFlight.

If you wish to install the beta apps please open the links below using your Apple mobile device.

If you discover any issues please open the Help menu and tap Report a Problem, and include the following information in your email:

Description – How were you using the app when the problem occurred?
Reproduction Steps - Please clearly explain how to reproduce the issue.
App Info – Which app you are using (Logos Bible, Verbum, Faithlife Study Bible, Faithlife Ebooks or Biblia).
Device Info – (iPad Pro 9.7, iPhone X, iPad Pro 11", etc.)
iOS Version – (11.4, 12.1, 12.3, etc.)

For more information on reporting bugs please see .

TestFlight Links

Logos Bible Study Tools -
Faithlife Study Bible -
Biblia! -
Faithlife Ebooks -
Verbum -


  • Improved pasting bible text into notes. Specifically, translation note and cross-reference superscripts will no longer be included when pasting.
  • Improved resource link handling to account for additional reference types (such as links to the Babylonian Talmud).


  • Fixed an issue on newer iPad Pro devices that would cause the resource text to shift up/down slightly when the screen controls were hidden/shown.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an existing note would open an empty notes tool.
  • Fixed a crash affecting some lectionary homepage cards.
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