More fine-grained control of connection arrows in Canvas

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J. Remington Bowling | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 3 2020 6:59 AM

When making connection arrows in Canvas, it can be difficult to get the arrow head pointing the right way. 

For example:

And when I try to fix it:

(Apparently this is either hard to do right or often overlooked, since I have another concept mapping program that has the same problem.)

One solution would be that when the connector is selected and, thus, the user has options to manipulate the line, like so:

Another control point is available to rotate the arrow head, similar to the way other objects can be rotated:

One reason this may be overlooked is that in testing the default behavior is more closely checked than behavior when the user is manually manipulating the objects. The arrow head, as far as I know, always points correct if you simply select the start point and endpoint, letting the program path the line. But this isn't always desirable, such as when a line gets pathed like this:

The problem, for me, always arises when trying to fix the path of the line when it's obstructing another object.

If there is already a solution for this, please share.


Nevermind. I think I just found a solution via right-click on connection and selecting "Add Waypoint" Tongue Tied

Not sure if this will work in the other instances I've had this problem, but it works here. 

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