Automatic Layout Function for Canvas

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J. Remington Bowling | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 10 2020 9:06 AM

Recently I've been using Canvas quite a bit to see if anything has changed since its release. I usually use mind-mapping software like MindNode or Rationale. 

One thing I like about Canvas more than the mind-mapping programs I usually use is its high degree of flexibility.

The biggest drawback to Canvas is that there is no automatic layout function that connects and spaces nodes or objects. This slows things down considerably when compared with other mind-mapping or diagramming software. In fact, it's probably a deal breaker for me. 

Making any medium sized diagram with connected nodes can easily take an extra 30 or 40 minutes in Canvas, because the user has to manually arrange not just every object, but every path connecting objects (since pathing does not attempt to avoid overlapping other objects). 

My suggestion is add an option for automatic layout and allow the user to switch between that and manual layout.

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