Perpetual indexing .... my patience is just about out!

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Stephen Miller | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jun 30 2010 1:38 AM

The perpetual indexing of Logos 4 has virtually made my Logos 4 unusable.

How many months have we had Logos 4 now? That's how many months my Logos 4 library has been indexing.

I have tried deleting indexes and files and directories as suggested in this forum, but nothing has stopped the insatiable desire of my Logos 4 to keep on indexing.

Sometimes the whole library is indexed. Sometimes some books.

The indexer can never calculate the time involved. The calculated time keeps on increasing. I have to allow the indexer to do its work overnight, but 40 hours is not uncommon.

Then a few days later the indexing will start again. This week 4.0c started indexing. I stopped that. Installed 4.0d. the indexer thought that 511 resources needed indexing. That took over night, about 15 hours.

Now it has started over again. It now tells me that it is 27% through .... 10 hours to go. I expect that in 1 hour it will tell me that there are 15 hours to go.

Here is what has just happened ......

I saw a post saying that 2G of updates were available.
I opened L4 and said "YES" to the updates. The updates started.

I stopped the updates after about 1 minute.

Guess what? The indexer has started all over again .... from the beginning! What happened to the 27% it has been doing for the past few hours???

I will start the 2G download. A good time to get this indexing sorted out.


So basically I am still using Logos 3. What a great program!!

Stephen Miller

Sydney, Australia


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Mark Barnes | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 30 2010 1:58 AM


If you upload your logs (see "How to ask for help", below) then we can probably help you fix this problem.


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Al Sosa | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 30 2010 9:37 AM

Ahhh, yes. . . the days of Libronix 3 !!!! I miss them.
So easy to use. . .bible study was efficient and fast.
And yes. . . no indexing. No large downloads, most resources were on CD's.

I know your pain. . . better days are coming. . . Logos will fix these ills with L4 and we will be rejoicing in the use of a powerful tool.
In the meantime, . . .

God bless. . .



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