Please bring back the MacOS tool of vowel markings

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chrisclark | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jun 17 2020 10:43 AM

I'm not sure if this was a subject that has been addressed or not, and I didn't want to take too much time scrolling through, so I'm just going to start a new thread...

In L7, I was able to press and hold vowels on my Mac keyboard and get the prompts for vowel markings to appear (as in all Mac apps, as in Evernote, btw). In fâct, Ī cân dö ît în thîs wîndōw. request is to PLEASE put that ability back into Logos 8 notes. Using the command prompt plus a key or the option prompt plus a key does not work with every vowel. The way it was left in L8 is really substandard.

Thanks for listening, and please direct me to any previous thread where this was addressed if it exists.

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jun 18 2020 2:05 AM

Hi Chris

I am not much of a notes user but I was surprised to read your post.

So to double check I went to one of my notes and, to my surprise, not only did the accents panel fail to open but the auto-repeat function from the '80s sprang into operation.

I seem to remember commenting on this in the distant past.

However I do want to support your call for the correct keyboard responses to be reinstated. You never know when I might be caught out too.

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